Daily email from the Vicar Number 31

Good morning, sorry no its afternoon.  Apologies for the lateness, I hadn’t forgotten, I was doing some volunteering for an old gentleman in Dallington village.
Our Bible reading for today is 1 Peter Chapter 4 verses 1 to 11, under the heading of Living for God in my Bible.
The passage sort of splits into the 2, the 1st half (verses 1-6) is about not doing things that will displease God but also not help us either.
This isn’t easy because temptations can be strong and also others might want us to join in such activities, and pour abuse on us if we don’t.
The 2nd half (verses 7-11) are about doing things that would please God and help others, praying, offering hospitality, using our gifts in service.
This may also not be easy, because although we might easily agree that these are good things to do, when the crunch comes we can easily find excuses not to!
So in both the negative “not doing” and the positive “doing” we need the Lord’s help by His Spirit, which the passage in both halves hints at, and not rely on our own strength.
In the Christian Institute week of prayer, they are praying for schools today.
They say please pray:
– For our work helping teachers, governors and pupils to be a Christian influence;
– That schools will be respectful of Christian children, and that teaching hostile to the Christian faith will be restrained;
Please pray also for schools that you know of, or have links with, for staff and pupils in these difficult times, that wise decisions may be made for the future.
In our church address list, back to the beginning again, please pray for,
– Colin & Penny
– Martin & Lucie
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