Daily email from the Vicar Number 27

My suggested Resurrection reading today is Luke Chapter 24 verses 1 to 12.  Again Luke includes details which the other Gospel writers don’t.
The angels’ words, ‘He is not here; he has risen’ (verse 6), always remind me of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, one of the suggested places in that city where Jesus might have been buried.  That quotation is above the entrance to the hole in the rock, and yet it amuses me that pilgrims still look inside but surprise surprise they still find no body…,
because He has risen!
We are planning to have another church service by Zoom on Sunday morning, I will send the link via a separate email.
In your prayers please remember again the members of the Government and those who advise them in these difficult times.
In our church address list extension please pray for some of those who have started coming more recently,
– Terry
– Sally
– Beatrix & family.
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