Daily email from the Vicar Number 26

It is Thursday, bin day for Kings Heath and Dallington, amongst other areas!, and also clap the NHS at 8pm this evening.
My suggested Resurrection reading today is Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 16 verses 1 to 18.
Now this is an interesting passage for several reasons, because many Bible scholars think that verses 9 to 18 are a later addition, and not written by Mark himself.
These extra verses contain some shortened versions of stories that you can find in Luke’s and John’s Gospels, as well as some extra stuff which you won’t find anywhere else, including picking up snakes and drinking deadly poison.  Probably don’t try this at home!
However, if you do end at verse 8, it is a slightly strange ending because we have the empty tomb, but no risen Jesus, and we leave the faithful women afraid.  It is like watching a film or a TV series which ends in a confusing way leaving you a bit puzzled.
As always, if you want to chat more or ask questions, please feel free.
Please remember again today in your prayers the NHS workers on the frontline, giving thanks for their courage and skill, and also praying for their families at home.
In our church address list we are back to the first of various extensions, please pray for,
– Pat & Catherine
– Jotham & Jethro
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