Daily email from the Vicar Number 25

Welcome back to the daily emails.
The Easter weekend may be over, but the Easter season in the church continues for a few more weeks.  The Resurrection of Jesus is too big an event to cram into one day only!
We will return to John’s Gospel and his account of what happened on that first Easter Sunday and afterwards on Sundays, but I thought it might be good in our daily readings for the rest of this week to look at the other Gospel accounts.
So today I suggest we might look at Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 28 verses 1 to 15, and you might also look at the last verses of the previous chapter as well to get some context, Chapter 27 verses 62 to 66.  As I have said before, each Gospel writer brings out different details of the story; Matthew here gives details about the soldiers and their instructions from the Jewish authorities.
In our prayers today do remember those in nursing and care homes, both residents and staff, as they are being focused on in the news at the moment.  And especially perhaps remember Bethany Homestead and St Christopher’s C of E Care Home in Abington which we have connections with.
In our church address list, please pray for,
– Azariah (Charlene’s older niece) and Vinny
– Roger, Sue and Daniel.
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