Daily email from the Vicar Number 21

It is Maundy Thursday in Holy Week, the day of the Last Supper and also Jesus’ arrest.
Our Bible reading is Mark Chapter 14 verses 12-72, again quite a long passage, but hopefully a more familiar section than yesterday’s, and covers a lot of the ground we have been looking at on Sunday mornings from John’s Gospel.
Mark includes details and conversations which John doesn’t include in his account, but that’s okay, different people want to emphasise different things in the telling of the same story.
We remember that Jesus knew all that was to happen to Him, His human anguish at times, and yet His steadfastness and obedience to the Father’s will.
We also see clearly human frailty and human sinfulness, principally in refusing to see Jesus for who He really was.
Give thanks today for all those who are at the “frontline” in this crisis, particularly the NHS staff of all ranks and roles, but also others who serve us, shopkeepers, bin men, other emergency services.
From our own church address list please pray today for,
– Doreen
– Sharon, George and the rest of the family
I think there were 12 of us who joined at various moments in the Open House at the Vicarage yesterday evening via Zoom, and it was good to see everybody and fun to chat with each other.
I’ve just renewed my ordination vows in front of the Bishop and about 80 others in a special service by Zoom this morning.
Encouraged by these things, I’m proposing we have a short Good Friday service tomorrow morning at 11am, where we can sing, read the Bible together and pray.  The link is below, I hope you can join us for that.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 605 858 800
Password: 004415

Hope to see a good number of you tomorrow.
Have a good day, God bless,
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