Daily email from the Vicar Number 17

Happy Palm Sunday, the Lord’s Day, the Day of Resurrection.
Don’t forget, if you can put a cross, home-made or one you already have, in a window for the whole of Holy Week that would be great.
We are going to leave 1 Peter for a little while and return to the Gospel story leading up to the Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus.  Having looked at it quite slowly from John’s Gospel on recent Sundays, we are now going to look at quite quickly from Mark’s Gospel, and later in the week there will be some longer passages.  Don’t worry if you can’t read it all at once, take your time over the day.
And again as I have said previously, if you already have some kind of Bible notes or Bible reading scheme feel free to ignore my suggestions, I don’t want to make it a burden for you.
So today’s passage is Mark Ch.11 vs.1-11.
Imagine and think about the excitement of the crowd on that day.
Also think about the humility of Jesus riding on a young colt donkey, but also the skill and power to ride an animal that no one had ever ridden before.
Pray for Christians all over the world gathering for virtual online worship today, and give thanks to the Lord that we are able to do that.
And on that subject, have just heard that Moulton’s Zoom link has changed to this –
From our own church address list please pray for,
– Terry & Dawn
– Mary, Sharon’s Mum.
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