Daily email from the Vicar Number 14

Happy Thursday!  It is bin day for a good number of us, do say thank you to those working on the lorries if you see them today, as well as joining in with the ‘Thank the NHS’ clap this evening if that is your sort of thing.
We are joined today for the first time by Sue’s friend Beatrix, welcome Beatrix, our virtual church continues to grow.
Our Bible passage today is 1 Peter Chapter 2 verses 13-25 After the highpoint of yesterday, today’s passage is not so easy because in our world today we are often suspicious of those in authority and very protective of our rights when things go wrong in the workplace or in any other situation.  However, it would have been potentially even worse back in the apostle Peter’s time and yet he still writes these things.
So 3 summary thoughts:
– submit to the earthly authorities and do good/the right thing (vs.13-17)
– sometimes God’s people suffer for doing good/the right thing (vs.18-20)
– remember the example of Jesus who did suffer for doing good (vs.21-25), particularly relevant as we approach once again Holy Week and Jesus’ death on the cross.
From our church address list, back to the beginning again, please pray for,
– Colin & Penny
– Martin & Lucie, also Naomi now back at home with them.
Both Colin and Lucie are continuing to be out and about in the community/people’s homes in their jobs as a postman and a nurse, so do pray for their protection.
God bless you all, and if there is anything else we can do, please let me know.
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