Daily email from the Vicar Number 130

Happy Monday everybody!
We reach the final chapter of Paul’s letter to Titus today, and the beginning and the end of the chapter both speak about doing what is good, and I’ll come back to that next time.
However, today I wanted to focus on the middle bit, Titus Chapter 3 verses 3 to 8, which is a brilliant summary of the Gospel, the good news of the coming and work of Christ.
It reminds us in graphic language (v.3) that without Christ, left to our own devices, our lives were messed up and we were enslaved to sin.
But then through the coming of Christ (v.4), He saves us not because we deserve it for the things we have done, but through His mercy (v.5), and we are converted/born again and then renewed by the work of the Holy Spirit (v.6).  And then having been justified (put right) by His grace, we become heirs/inheritors with the hope of eternal life (v.7).
These things are trustworthy and to be stressed to believers and non-believers alike (v.8). ‘These things are excellent and profitable for everyone.’
Amongst the many set readings the Church of England has for Christmas Day this passage interestingly is one of them because it speaks of Jesus Christ the Saviour, the One who appeared initially as the babe born in Bethlehem according to the message of the angels.
Praying through our extended church address list, we remember today those who come regularly to Here 4 You when it was open, who haven’t been mentioned previously,
– Tracey,
– Melanie,
– Chris,
– Mikala & family
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