Daily email from the Vicar Number 13

Good morning, it is Wednesday, I need to keep reminding myself.  It is also April 1st, but I’m afraid this Coronavirus is not a big prank or joke, but very real.
We are joined on our mailing list for the first time today by Penny Ashby, welcome Penny, she is 3rd addition to the mailing list since I started this daily caper!
So you know, Sue is putting up an edited version of this email daily on the church website, www.churchontheheath.co.uk, if it is easier for you to access it there, and very cleverly you can click on the Bible passage and it comes up for you.
Our Bible passage today is 1 Peter Chapter 2 verses 4 to 12, one of my favourite sections of the New Testament.
Firstly it reminds us that the Lord Jesus is what we might call today a “marmite” character.
He is a chosen and precious cornerstone (vs.6-7) for those of us who believe, ie He is the absolute foundation of our lives.
BUT, to those who disobey Him or reject Him, He is a stumbling block, a rock that causes them to fall (v.8).
And then a key verse (v.9) in the middle of this section which tells us of,
Our identity (who we are) – ‘But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God,…’ ie we are VERY VERY special;
Our purpose (what we must do) – ‘… that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.’
Brothers and sisters in the Lord be encouraged!
Please remember in your prayers today some of the poorer parts of the world, including the refugee camps where it is so much harder to isolate and keep your distance from other people.  May the Lord have mercy on them.
Please also pray for our contacts overseas, Fidel & Christine, Hannah, Saw Myint and Frank & Val.
Until tomorrow,
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