Daily email from the Vicar Number 126

It is Thursday, which means it is…
Our Bible reading today is Titus Chapter 1 verses 5 to 16.
We now get to the heart of what the apostle wants to say to Titus about the task that he has to do, to complete what has been left unfinished and to more securely establish this fledgling church on the island of Crete.
And firstly this means appointing good elders/church leaders, which makes interesting reading for the church today, or actually at any time through its history!
Things to note…
It is presumed that the elder will be a man, and if a family man his family will be believers and stable (vs.6-7).
(Speaking personally I take these verses seriously and when we have had issues with our children in the past, we have taken counsel and wondered whether I should step down from leadership.)
Verse 7 spells out the negative aspects which the elder shouldn’t display.
Verses 8-9 spell out the positive attributes, both in terms of behaviour but also holding to the Gospel message and sound doctrine.
And then verses 10-16 spell out why all these things about good leadership are important, because there are those within the church and circling around the church who are looking to bring in false teaching, to take people away from the truth, to corrupt them, and thus damage the church.
As I say interesting reading, and I think bang up-to-date for the church in this country and across the world.
In our prayers today we remember from our extended church address,
–  Pat & Catherine
– Jotham and Jethro
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