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It is Wednesday and I’m back.
In terms of our daily Bible readings I thought we might work through St Paul’s letter to Titus, which was brought to mind as a passage from Chapter 2 was the basis of one of the evening talks at Virtually Keswick last week.
I realised I knew it less well than many of Paul’s other letters, and perhaps the same applies to you?  It is also quite short!
The letter to Titus is often coupled with the 2 letters to Timothy and are known as the Pastoral Epistles (letters) because they are to 2 individuals to help them give pastoral care to the churches they are involved with, Ephesus and Crete.  Both Timothy and Titus seem to have been converted through Paul’s ministry and he has taken them under his wing and made them his proteges as he trains them up in ministry.  Titus is not mentioned in the book of Acts, the story of the early church, but is mentioned in many of Paul’s other letters so he was obviously a key person in Paul’s mind, someone he could rely on.
So a brief reading to start with, Chapter 1 vs.1-4, the words of introduction, though feel free to read on ahead!!
Verse 1 reminds us of what Paul is about – the knowledge of truth that leads to godliness, ie not just believing the right things, which is obviously a good start, but that it must change us and our behaviour.  In other words head and heart.
And it is a faith and knowledge resting on the (certain) hope of eternal life, promised from the very beginning, and now made clearer through the coming of Christ the Saviour, the word made flesh, and the preaching of the early church (vs.2-3).
And see how Paul writes about Titus, my true son in our common faith (v.4), a lovely description from a single man who didn’t have his own children.
From our church address list please remember in your prayers today,
– Azaria, Charlene’s older niece and Vinny,
– Roger, Sue and Daniel
Also the Leadership Council are meeting tonight for discussion and prayer, we need much wisdom at this time of transition.
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