Daily email from the Vicar Number 124

Happy Monday.
For our daily Bible reading I thought it might be good just to have another look at the passage from yesterday morning’s service, Luke Chapter 11 verses 37-54.  I really appreciated Derek carefully taking us through the passage, but as I think he said, there is a lot in it to reflect upon, and therefore it is worth another read through with prayer and thought.  I found it a very telling piece of Scripture.
Some of the things I took away from yesterday were to do with the Lord being much more concerned about the inward spiritual things, the things of the heart, than outwardly showy religious things.
Also we mustn’t get over zealous about human religious rules and neglect the bigger issues of how we treat others and the Lord, or doing things in church that attracts attention to ourselves.
And something too about the things we say (particularly relevant for church leaders and teachers like myself) and we do that doesn’t lead people into being burdened or places that we are not prepared to go ourselves.
Perhaps there was something else from yesterday’s talk or as you read the passage again today where the Lord will speak to you??
From our church address list we remember in our prayers today,
– Doreen
– Sharon & George
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