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It is Saturday and its FA Cup Final Day and it is August, what strange times we live in!
But life is back to normal in Scotland because this is the FIRST day of their new football season.

And for those who are not interested, there will be no more football references – the referee’s whistle has blown!
Back to sort of normal as we finish Paul’s letter to Philippians by reading Chapter 4 verses 10 to 23.
We now realise this is one of the main reasons Paul is writing, this is a thank you letter for the gifts they have given him.
Paul often talks about money and is not afraid to ask for it, especially if it is going to someone else in need, and not he himself.  But here he is not asking but thanking them for their love and kindness and generosity even though he didn’t really NEED their gifts.
A couple of verses/points just to highlight.
Verse 12 is a cracking verse to reflect on and be challenged by – ‘… I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation …’
In a way it is a practical application of ‘Rejoice in the Lord always’ from back in v.4.
And in verses 15-16 he praises the Philippians for their continued generosity in their giving, a sort of practical application of thinking about excellent and praiseworthy things mentioned back in v.8.
And finally I love the description of their gifts to Paul as ‘a fragrant offering’ (v.18).  Do you ever think that when you give on a Sunday morning or via the bank or at other times that this smells nice?!  It puts a different perspective on it!
In our church address list would you pray today for,
– Nova
– Shirley and family
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