Daily email from the Vicar Number 118

So day 2 of the Virtually Keswick Convention which I am encouraging you to join in with.  Links – vkc.keswickministries.org and you can watch it on the Keswick Convention YouTube channel.
I thought Monday evening’s talk from 2 Thessalonians and the certain coming of the Lord giving us hope, was very helpful.
This morning’s Bible Reading starting at 10am is under the title, ‘Hope because Jesus was saved’ looking at Psalm 3.
And then the evening celebration starting at 8pm, the talk is under the title ‘Why hope?’ looking at a passage from 1 Peter, I would imagine Chapter 1, but I may be wrong!
In our own church address list let us pray for,
– Kim Bon & Sin Wei
– Charlene, along with young Ariah and Samuel
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