Daily email from the Vicar Number 114

 A very good morning to you.
Our reading today is Philippians Chapter 3 verse 12 through to Chapter 4 verse 1.  Do read or listen to the passage first on your own before looking at my notes.
It seems to me there are at least 4 helpful things here.
1) – A humble acknowledgement (verses 12-13)
Even the great apostle Paul acknowledges that he hasn’t got there yet, he is not perfect (v.12), he is a work in progress.  That’s really helpful for me to read, as we all are a work in progress, and somewhere on the Christian journey.
2) – A challenge (verses 13-16)
We are not there yet, but that doesn’t prevent Paul giving his first readers and us a challenge to press on in the Christian life, to grow in maturity, to become more like Jesus, to ‘live up to what we have already attained’ (v.16).
3) – A warning (verses 17-19)
There is ALWAYS opposition around who are enemies of the cross of Christ (v.18) and with an awful yet very recognisable description (v.19).
4) – Something to look forward to (verses 20-21)
Jesus IS coming back and He will make all things well.
In our own extended church address list please pray for 2 who were starting to attend more regularly before the lockdown,
– Sally
– Terry
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