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It’s Wednesday and I’m back – thank you to Derek for sending something out yesterday.
Our passage today is Philippians Chapter 2 verses 19-30.
In here we have 2 wonderful examples in Timothy and Epaphroditus of Paul’s teaching being put into practice.
Timothy, who was one of Paul’s regular travelling companions and one who he was training up for leadership, is described as one ‘who takes a genuine interest in your welfare…’ (vs.20-21), which is verse 4 of this chapter being acted out.
And then Epaphroditus, who is one of the Philippians’ own, is praised for his commitment in almost paying the ultimate sacrifice to help Paul in prison (vs.29-30), which is sort of Ch.1 vs.29-30 being acted out.
It is sometimes good for us to be challenged by the example and practice of other Christians and to reflect upon our own commitment to the Lord and to His people.
2 quick other things which I hadn’t noticed before which I thought interesting.
– Firstly although Paul has seemed quite indifferent if not fatalistic about his own death back in Ch.1 vs.21-24, verse 27 in our passage today shows how genuinely upset and sorrowful he would have been if Epaphroditus had been taken from them early through his illness.
– Secondly as we begin to come out of lockdown and can foresee meeting together again in person, then I couldn’t help noticing how important it was for Timothy and Paul to meet up with the Philippians again face to face, and how Paul benefitted so much from E’s personal visit to him.
A letter from the apostle back in those days would have been very special to the local church, and they didn’t have phones and emails and Facetime and WhatsApp and Zoom etc etc as we amazingly do today, but there is nothing like seeing someone in the flesh, worshipping, praying, speaking together.
We pray that is might happen in some form for us soon.
On that subject the Leadership Council are meeting by Zoom this evening.  We would appreciate greatly your prayers for the Lord’s wisdom as we seek to plot a way forward on many things.
And from our extended church address list, please pray for,
– Beatrix and family,
– Ellie (Lynn’s daughter) and her husband Lee
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