Daily email from the Vicar Number 116

It’s Sunday again, how the weeks travel so fast, and it’s Zoom Day!
Just a quick email today telling you about the readings for our service later, which again you might like to read through first or just get then ready in your Bible at home.
We are starting our service with Isaiah Chapter 55 verses 1-3a, then later in the service I will be speaking from Luke Chapter 11 verse 29 to 36 as we continue our preaching series in that gospel.
In our prayers, we remember again some of our overseas connections, Fidel & Christine and the children in Kenya, Hannah usually in Tunisia but we think still back home with her parents in Derbyshire, Saw Myint (our Crosslinks student) in Myanmar, and Frank & Val in Nazareth
Just a gentle reminder that the Virtually Keswick Convention begins tomorrow morning (Monday) and goes through to Friday.  You can find the links here…
Virtually Keswick Convention will be livestreamed on vkc.keswickministries.org and you can watch it on the Keswick Convention YouTube channel.
The overall theme this year is Hope, a very apt subject to think about at such a time.
The main things each day for adults are what is called the Bible Reading at 10am, this year on some of the early Psalms with the same speaker, Christopher Ash each day, and then an evening celebration starting at 8pm with a different main speaker each night, all on the theme of hope.
There is also a Seminar each day plus children and youth work as well, all details on the website.
I don’t know how this new virtual version will compare with the usual real life version that we as a family have been used to.  However, I would assume that the morning meeting will be mainly focussed on a longer talk with perhaps a song before and after, and the evening meeting more of a service with more music, interviews, testimonies, prayers etc as well as the talk.
And if you miss something “live” you can always catch up later in the day or even later in the week because it will still be available online.
Also to let you know that rather than a full daily email from me next week, I will just signpost the readings for the morning and evening meetings plus our own prayer list as we work through praying for each other.
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