Daily email from the Vicar Number 109

It is Saturday and the start of the weekend, also today is our youngest child Lucie’s 21st birthday!
Our Bible passage today is Philippians Chapter 2 verses 1 to 11.
Paul begins with a plea for unity for this group of Christians, ‘being one in spirit and purpose’ (v.2b) as a response to the blessings of being united with Christ and the Spirit and loved by Them (v.1).
He urges them to ‘do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but in humility to consider others better than themselves’ (v.3).
If every church or Christian group acted like this then they would be much better for it (as would any group anywhere!).  The advice/urging seems so obvious, and yet we know these things are not easy, the sinfulness of the human heart, even the one that is saved by Christ, weighs heavy.
And so St Paul points us to the Lord Jesus in these famous verses, vs.5-11, which might have been an early hymn, as an example of the most humble person ever, who gave up the glories of heaven to come to this earth to be our Saviour, and to die upon the cross.
If we are ever tempted to think of ourselves more important than we should, if ever we get tempted to be more bossy or bolshy than we should, if ever we are tempted to be demanding our rights and our ways more than we should, then we remember the example of Christ, our leader, the One we follow, the One who made Himself nothing, and these verses help us to do that.
As I have said NOT EASY, but essential for the life and health of the church.
In our church address list we remember in prayer today,
– Doreen
– Sharon & George
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