Daily email from the Vicar Number 108

Welcome to Friday, and in any other circumstances this would be the last day of term for most schools and the start of the summer holidays tomorrow, but we continue to live in extra-ordinary times.
We have a short passage from the Bible today to think about, Philippians Chapter 1 verses 27 to 30.
And what a comprehensive statement from St Paul to begin with! – ‘Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.’
This would cover everything we think, say or do, whether someone was watching us or not, or in the original context whether the apostle was with the Philippians or whether he was absent (v.27).
And the original context here is that the Philippians were to conduct themselves well in the face of opposition and suffering, which Paul suggests is the normal and expected reality for every Christian (vs.29-30), as it was for Jesus Himself, as it was for Paul.
BUT if they/we stand firm (v.28) this will be a sign to those who oppose Christians that they will be destroyed and the Christian will be saved by God.
I hadn’t quite seen the force of that before, this is divine justice in action, that right WILL triumph over wrong, that one day evil will be destroyed, and that evil is somehow linked with how people treat Christ and His followers.
Food for thought and for our prayers…
In our church address list, we specially remember today in our prayers,
– Tina
– Derek & Joanna
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