Daily email from the Vicar Number 10

Happy Sunday, the Lord’s Day, the Day of Resurrection.
Our reading today is John Chapter 11 verses 1-45, quite a long one, and one of the set ones today in churches around the country/world.  (I will come back to our own slow walk through the Easter story in a few days time.)  The story of Lazarus is a foretaste of what is to happen to the Lord Jesus himself.
As mentioned yesterday I attach my sermon which I would have given at St Mary’s Kettering this morning, see
John11v1 (St Mary’s Kettering),  which the Vicar there is going to read on my behalf as the Mass is livestreamed.  I’ve left it “as-is” with introductory remarks that are particular for their setting.
May I suggest you read the passage first from your Bible before reading my notes.
For our prayers, please remember those who have lost loved ones, the death toll went up quite a bit yesterday, and please pray for Christian ministers trying to help grieving families with funerals from a distance and which will have to be small in scale and number of attendees.
From our own church address list we have officially reached the end, but here is the first of a few extensions!
So please pray for,
– Pat and Catherine
– Jotham and Jethro
Hope you can find a service this morning to listen to or watch either live or later in the day.  I think Sue & I are going to try Moulton by youtube!
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