Daily email Number 102 – from the Pastor

So we come to the end of the week when we have been looking at some of the Psalms.  I have found it helpful as I have prepared, and I know some of you have too.  Yesterday was a little too long but I needed to complete the lesson we learn from David.  I also need to say that much of what I shared this week has been inspired by the writing of Philip Yancey in his book “The Bible Jesus read”.
So one final look.  There is a problem we find in some Psalms that seem to be violent and vengeful, so called cursing Psalms.  Should they have even been included?  A notorious one is Psalm 137 or Psalm 107:10.  Without making this a lengthy letter again, but without leaving it unanswered, we need to remember that these words are not an encouragement to violence or personal revenge, but expressions of faith in a just and righteous God who will exercise his perfect justice. The words release our pent up anger and frustration without resorting to marred and imperfect physical violence. Again we could call them spiritual therapy. We believe  that in the end, His perfect justice will prevail.
We CAN take our worst feelings to God.  Our prayers do not have to be “cleaned up” to be just beautiful words.  God gives us the freedom to bring all our thoughts to Him, and then He works in us through His Spirit to bring us His peace.
Well, looking forward to seeing most of you tomorrow at the service, and in the meantime praying for:
Kim Bon and Sin Wei
Charlene, with Ariah and Samuel
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