Advent special – Email from the Vicar

Just officially signing off from the daily emails for the next month, as I have indicated previously, but I haven’t stopped being the Vicar, so if there is anything I can do, or you want to talk about, you know where I am.

I think there are 19 of us who have said they are going to work through this book of Advent devotionals which is really encouraging.  We are in good company because the publisher has run out of copies and are having to do a reprint run!
As you will see the book officially starts on the 1st Dec which is Tuesday, but the author recommends using Monday to read the introduction, so that is why I am signing off this evening.  Sue has been cheating and reading on ahead, and her advice is that the introduction might seem a bit “heavy”, but please don’t be put off, when the actual devotional starts it is much easier to read. Don’t worry or beat yourself up if you miss a day, either catch up when you can, or just stay a day behind, you won’t lose your salvation over it! Although I am saying I am signing off, if something strikes me particularly I might share it, and if something speaks to you please let me know and I’ll share it with everyone else if that’s okay with you.
If you are not using the book I do hope that you will still take the opportunity to prepare for Christmas in prayer and Bible reading, perhaps by reading through the Christmas story.
It was good to see a number of you at the Nativity scenes this afternoon, I thought they were brilliant.  They will be lit up again next Sunday afternoon, do come if you can.

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